Sunday, April 6, 2014

My first soap.....

I don’t remember when my curiosity for making soap started. What I do remember is that the curiosity was increased because an elbows allergy I developed during the time I was living  overseas.

Unfortunately every time I asked about how to make soap, the answer was the same….It is so easy , what you have to do is buy a block of glycerine soap, melt it in the microwave and make your own soap….noooo that was not the kind of soap I wanted to learn, I want to know about the natural one, the basic one, the one that was used before….very long time ago,  the pure one with no chemicals, the answer…have no idea how to do it, the one I know is the glycerine one.

That was the same answer I received during a long time, until one day I was watching a very popular TV program and suddenly …there was a man explaining how he makes his own soap, and not just that, he was using goat’s milk  and explained all the good benefits about it.  What a good luck, I was recording the program, so I can watch it all over again.

Next thing, I went to the supermarket and buy a bottle of goat’s milk ( I was living in the Middle East so goat’s milk was very easy to find ) a bottle of local sodium hydroxide and a can of Crisco. We use Olive and coconut oil for cooking so I don’t have to buy more. For a mold I used a little tart molds I found in the same supermarket, they were so cute and made of a very hard plastic. I used my kitchen scale, not an electronic  but the simple one that I used to weight everything when I’m making cakes, desserts etc.
I was more than ready to start making soap, I follow the steps exactly as it was explained, I frozen the milk  and pour the lye very carefully.
Finally I was going to make my own soap!

I learned a lot with my first batch, learned that when you make things with love and caution, nothing can go wrong, the soap was easy to make and I wanted to know more about soap making and oil benefits.
Without knowing I was bitten by the soap making addiction!

I was so proud of my first soap, that I want to  take a lot of pictures to show my creation to family and friends,  so I wrapped the soap with waxed paper, a ribbon and a little sticker.

Here it is my first soap….a goat’s milk soap!


It was made 4 years ago with the very basic ingredients, Crisco, Olive oil, Coconut oil, goat’s milk and it was unscented.

My husband love it and since then, we just use the soaps I make.

Good luck to the new soap makers, I can tell you….. this is an adventure you will love it!

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