Thursday, March 27, 2014

Drop Swirl and Greatcakes challenge

Ok, this is my first adventure with color and with the soap challenge of "GreatcakesSoapworks" being the first time in both things as you can imagine...I'm in panic! but very happy as this is a big step in my soap making adventure.  Love to make soap and love everything about it, from the selection of oils to think and think and think about what to mix, I'm talking about essential oils. I had been learning a lot from books, web pages etc. but nothing can be compared with the direct smell of the essential oils, sometimes can be strong, some deliciously citrus or floral.

Well....... stop talking about my fears and start talking about the challenge!.

It took me 2 batches to get what I was looking for. The first one, traced to soon and too thick, at the end I dropped the mix from above with a spoon, the colors were not what I expected,  so because I was not happy with my first attempt I decided to give it another try, this time paying more attention to the water concentration and the trace.

I'm making the same recipe, Olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil and lard with an essential oil mix of Rosemary essential oil and Yuzu. For colorants my base was activated charcoal.

Here are the steps:

            I like to organize everything first and get ready to start, here are the micas, lye and oils. 
    I have my lye and oils at low temperature, both at 90F. ready to be mixed...with careful of course.

            After mixing a little bit with a spoon I used the Stick Blender to have a very light

         With the light trace ready,  I started to fill the containers I will use for coloring the
 I fill the containers without forgetting I will need some soap mix for the base.
Let's start coloring the soap, the first color I mixed,  was the activated charcoal, I love the way it looks, very dark.
Then, the rest of the colors, gold, pink and white silver mica's, all pastel colors.
Now I started to fill the mold with the base color, the activated charcoal mix.
After that and from above I started to drop the first, then gold, then white silver.
I alternated the charcoal mix and the colors, pink, gold and white silver until the soap mix was finished and the mold was completely filled.
After that I hit the mold on the counter top to release any trapped bubbles in the soap. 
I don't have to think too much, ... decided I love the top as it is, how it looks, with the small drops...mmmm I like it and I'm not going to do anything,  it stay as it is!

And here is the soap, love how surrealistic it looks, every cut is different and very nice. One thing I noticed...the color is missing! Ok I don't mind as I love the black and white effect.
I was so right about the top...I like it a lot!
Thanks to Amy Warden for the challenge... I'm ready for the next one!


  1. I really like the simplicity of a two or three color swirl. This is beautiful.
  2. I simply adore black & white soap....very sophisticated....Beautiful Job!!!
  3. I love your soap very classic :) & the top looks interesting too.
  4. I think the black and white is a happy surprise, as the simplicity really shows off the beautiful swirl effect. I really like the simple tops as well :)
  5. very pretty - and I love the top too
  6. Very nice; I like the tops too!
  7. I love the dark and light swirls in the soap!
  8. The black and white really make the swirls stand out. And your soap tops are amazing!
  9. The swirls turned out really amazing, even if the colors didn't stick. Next time you'll know you can use a bit more. :) I'm so glad you went out of your comfort zone to join us - you're already showing that you are very capable!!
  10. Amiga te quedo precioso ,que buena idea a seguir participando en mas eventos ,un beso guapa
  11. Thanks for such nice comments, I never imagined it could be so simple and difficult at the same time (colors). Amy Warden thanks for creating this challenge is not only challenging, it is also a beautiful addiction that encourages us to leave our comfort zone.

    Mari, amiga gracias por tu comentario, claro que voy a seguir participando me encanto el reto, un mismo tutorial y creaciones tan lindas y diferentes. Un abrazo!

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