Sunday, April 6, 2014

First challenge...not just soap

I love soap making videos, but the truth is, I'm new in video making. I love to take photos, I have...... I don't know how many cameras, a Nikon D90, a Canon EOS, a Kodak, a Samsung, a JVC and I don't remember how many more between new and old ones...I love to take photos and love cameras, my last acquisition is a Go Pro, very easy to use and very handy if you like to enjoy your bicycle riding. 

Taking pictures is one thing, taking videos is something completely different,  what I mean is very easy to take a video of places and things, but taking a video of my self......well that is another story.  I realized that, when I found I have to take a video of myself during the soapmaking challenge. I never though I will need my tripod I didn't bring it with me,  that gave me the opportunity of improvise and with the help of pots and cutting boards I installed my camera to take a video of myself making soap....the first one of me making soap, oh God not so good, with all the nervousness of the challenge and the video, I completely forgot about things like..... lights and my hand between the camera and the soap making. 

I have seen a lot of good videos and I want to congratulate all of you for making this look so easy, it is not, believe me. Between taking the video, editing, subtitles, music etc. etc. all that make me realize all the love and effort you put in soapmaking, you are not just soap artists but artists in making videos as well.

Well finally and after editing, my video is in YouTube,  not the best quality,  but I will try to improve my video abilities the next time.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did, like a lot the editing and adding music.

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